L4a_L4b - Acidofrequent oak woodlands

Potential natural joint distribution of L4a and L4b - Acidofrequent oak woodlands

Potential natural distribution of the habitat as modelled based on vegetation data in the MÉTA database and abiotic conditions. Values represent probability ranks of the habitats, which are also directly comparable across habitats. PNV membership likelihood increases from 0 to 4 in an ordinal manner. For further details please consult the cited material.


Imelda Somodi, Zsolt Molnár, Bálint Czúcz, Ákos Bede-Fazekas, János Bölöni, László Pásztor, Annamária Laborczi, Niklaus E. Zimmermann (2017): Implementation and application of Multiple Potential Natural Vegetation models – a case study of Hungary. Journal of Vegetation Science. DOI: 10.1111/jvs.12564


Imelda Somodi
somodi.imelda [at] ecolres.hu
MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Institute of Ecology and Botany, 2-4 Alkotmány utca, 2163 Vácrátót, Hungary