Bölöni, Molnár, Biró & Horváth (2008) Distribution of ... Woodlands and shrublands ...

Bölöni J., Molnár Zs., Biró M., Horváth F. (2008): Distribution of the (semi-)natural habitats in Hungary II. Woodlands and shrublands. Acta Botanica Hungarica> 50(Suppl.): 107-148.


Actual distribution maps of vegetation types are important data sources of basic and applied research, respectively. Though there were several attempts to map the actual vegetation of Hungary, the MÉTA program was the first to map all the (semi-)natural habitat types on the whole territory of Hungary. The paper discusses the woodland and shrubland habitats. 41 habitats are presented and discussed. The paper provides additional data on the area and distribution of the habitats mainly at the physical geographical macroregion scale.