Horváth, Barabás, Biró, Lellei-Kovács, Molnár ... (2008) Ecological and historical GIS ...

Horváth F., Barabás S., Biró M., Lellei-Kovács E., Molnár Zs., Rédei T. (2008): Ecological and historical GIS databases and maps related to KISKUN LTER In: Kovács-Láng E., Molnár E., Kröel-Dulay Gy., Barabás S. (eds.): The KISKUN LTER: Long-term ecological research in the Kiskunság, Hungary, Institute of Ecology and Botany, Vácrátót, pp. 79-80.


The focal questions of most research projects has a regional context from landscape to regional scale. There is a high priority of understanding the landscape ecological, ecosystem, land use, biodiversity and socio-economic patterns and processes of the region also. Therefore several projects and considerable efforts were done to create, collect and manage relevant maps and GIS databases of the Danube–Tisza Interfluve.