Á-NÉR 2003 LI/AN - a teljes élőhelylista röviden, angolul

Á-NÉR 2003 LI/AN - a teljes élőhelylista röviden, angolul (BÖLÖNI, MOLNÁR, ILLYÉS & KUN 2007 alapján)

Euhydrophyte habitats: A1 - Standing water communities with Trapa, Lemna, Salvinia and Ceratophyllum, A23 - Euhydrophyte communities with Nymphaea, Nuphar, Utricularia and Stratiotes, A3a - Slowly running water communities with Potamogeton and Nymphoides, A4 - Euhydrophyte communities of fens, A5 - Athalassal saline euhydrophyte communities

Marshes: B1a - Eu- and mesotrophic reed and Typha beds, B1b - Oligotrophic reed and Typha beds of fens, floating fens, B2 - Glyceria, Sparganium and Schoenoplectus beds, B3 - Water-fringing helophyte beds with Butomus, Eleocharis and Alisma, B4 - Tussock sedge communities, B5 - Non-tussock beds of large sedges, B6 - Salt marshes, BA - Mosaic/Zonation of marsh communities of channels, ditches and artificial lakes

Flushes, transition mires and raised bogs: C1 - Soft and hard water flushes, C23 - Transition mires and raised bogs

Rich fens, eu- and mesotrophic meadows and tall herb communities: D1 - Rich fens, D2 - Molinia meadows, D34 - Mesotrophic meadows, D5 - Water-fringing and fen tall herb communities, D6 - Tall herb communities of floodplans and marshes

Colline and montane hay meadows, acid grasslands and heaths: E1 - Arrhenatherum hay meadows, E2 - Festuca rubra hay meadows and related communities, E34 - Cynosurion grasslands and Nardus swards, E5 - Calluna heaths,

Halophytic habitats: F1a - Artemisia salt steppes, F1b - Achillea salt steppes on meadow solonetz, F2 - Salt meadows, F3 - Tall herb salt meadows and salt meadow steppes, F4 - Dense and tall Puccinellia swards, F5 - Annual salt pioneer swards of steppes and lakes

Dry open grasslands: G1 - Open sand steppes, G2 - Calcareous open rock grasslands, G3 - Acid open rock grasslands

Dry and semi-dry closed grasslands: H1 - Closed rock grasslands, species rich Bromus pannonicus grasslands, H2 - Calcareous rock steppes, H3a - Slope steppes on stony ground, H4 - Bromus erectus-Brachypodium pinnatum xero-mesophilous grasslands, dry tall herb communities and forest steppe meadows, H5a - Closed steppes on loess, clay, tufa, H5b - Closed sand steppes

Non-ruderal pioneer habitats: I1 - Amphibious communities on river gravel and sand banks, I2 - Semi-desert vegetation on loess cliffs, I3 – Pioneer grasslands on rocks and walls, I4 - Open vegetation of shadowed rocks

Other non-woody habitats: OA - Uncharacterisic wetlands, OB - Uncharacteristic meadows and tall herb communities, OC - Uncharacteristic dry/semi-dry grasslands and tall herb communities, OG – Trapled and ruderal vegetation on gravel, OD – Stands of invasive forbs, OF – Tall-growing ruderal vegetation

Bush vegetation and woodland margins: J1a - Salix cinerea mires, J3 - Riverine willow shrub vegetation P2a - Mesic shrub vegetation, P2b - Dry shrub vegetation with Crataegus, Prunus spinosa and Juniperus, M6 - Continental deciduous steppe thickets, M7 - Continental deciduous rock thickets, M8 - Thermophilous woodland fringes, P2c – Non-native bush vegetation or Reynoutria stands
Riverine and swamp woodlands: J1b - Birch mire woodlands, J2 - Alder and ash swamp woodlands, J4 - Riverine willow-poplar woodlands, J5 - Riverine ash-alder woodlands, J6 - Riverine oak-elm-ash woodlands

Mesic deciduous woodlands: K1a - Lowland oak-hornbeam woodlands, K2 - Oak-hornbeam woodlands, K5 - Beech woodlands, K7a - Acid beech woodlands, K7b - Acid oak-hornbeam woodlands

Dry deciduous woodlands: L1 - Closed termophilous oak woodlands, M1 - White oak scrub woodlands, L2a - Turkey oak - sessile oak woodlands, L2b - Turkey oak - pedunculate oak woodlands, L2x - Closed and mixed steppe oak woodlands on foothills, L4a - Closed acid oak woodlands, L4b - Open acid oak woodlands, L5 - Closed lowland steppe oak woodlands, M2 - Open loess steppe oak woodlands with openings, M3 - Open salt steppe oak woodlands with openings, M4 - Open sand steppe oak woodlands with openings, M5 - Poplar-juniper steppe woodlands

Rock woodlands: LY1 - Ravine woodlands (mesic rock woodlands rich in Acer pseudoplatanus), LY2 - Mixed forests of scree, rocky slopes, rich in Tilia spp., LY3 - Limestone beech woodlands, LY4 - Mixed relic oak woodlands on rocks

Mixed coniferous woodlands: N13 - Acid coniferous woodlands, N2 - Calcareous Scots pine woodlands

Other woody habitats: RA - Scattered native trees or narrow tree lines, RB - Uncharacteristic (often pioneer) softwood woodlands and plantation, RC - Uncharacteristic hardwood woodlands and plantation, RD - Uncharacteristic woodlands and plantation mixed with non-native tree species, P45 - Wooded pastures and sweet chestnut woodlands, P7 - Extensive orchards with ancient cultivars (often invaded by shrubs and trees), P1 – Young stands of native trees, P3 – New afforestation, P6 – Parks, botanical gardens, P8 – Clear cuts,

Woodland plantations: S1 – Robinia pseudoacacia plantations, S2 – American poplar plantations, S3 – Other non-native deciduous plantations, S4 – Black and scotts pine plantations, S5 – Other coniferous plantations, S6 – Spontaneous stands of non-native tree species, S7 – Tree lines mostly with non-native species

Agricultural habitats: T1 – Annual intensive arable fields, T2 – Perennial intensive arable fields, T3 – Vegetable and flower plantations, greenhouses, T4 – Rice fields, T5 – Sowed or fertilised grasslands, sports-grounds, T6 – Mosaic of small agricultural parcels, T7 – Intensive vineyards and orchards, T8 – Traditional vineyards and orchards, T9 – Gardens, T10 – New abandonments on arable lands, vineyards and orchards, T11 – Nursery gardens, Salix viminalis plantations, T12 - Plantations of energy plants

Other habitats: U1 – Cities and areas with blocks of flats, U2 – Garden suburbs and recreation areas, U3 – Villages, U4 – Yards, premises, wreckage, dumping grounds, U5 – Mine dumps, dumping grounds covered by ground, U6 – Open mines, U7 – Sand, clave, gravel and pit mines, loess walls, U8 - Rivers and streams, U9 – Lakes and ponds, U10 – Farms, U11 – Roads and railroads

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