Takács G., Molnár Zs. (ed.)(2009) Habitat mapping

Takács G., Molnár Zs. (eds.) (2009): Habitat mapping. 2nd modified edition. Handbooks of National Biodiversity Monitoring System IX. MTA ÖBKI - KvVM, Vácrátót - Budapest, 54 pp. (angolra fordított változat)


This monitoring manual is the completely revised second edition of the book with the same title published in 1999. During the development and elaboration of the methodology of National Biodiversity Monitoring System we could rely on the results of test habitat mapping performed at Tiszabercel in 1996, repeated later in 2000, the habitat mapping made in Duna-Tisza-köze (Biró 2006) and also monitoring experience of the last 10 years (more than 100 maps). By today within the scope of the National Biodiversity Monitoring System nearly 3 % of Hungary was mapped at the scale of 1: 25 000. Since each map was quality controlled by experts we have a comprehensive view of the possibilities and limitations of this mapping method. (angolra fordított változat)

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